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Trench-Less Water Mains & Sewer Lines

Re-piping nightmares can in many cases be avoided with a new technology now available at Red Carpet Plumbing. The trench-less system we employ uses two small access holes to replace your leaky water main without having to replace all of your landscaping.

Why Dig?

Not only can a water main replacement take a chunk out of your wallet - from a few thousand to $20,000 or more - traditional methods can be disruptive, displacing landscaping and hardscaping, and even forcing unlucky homeowners to dig up garages and driveways when their lines run beneath them.

But for those looking to bypass the backhoe, there are new methods of "no dig" replacement line that can save homeowners holes and heartburn.


New Piping

The trenchless method installs the new pipe by pulling it through the old pipe, even if the existing pipe is collapsed, behind a special breaking head (or cone) that expands a clear channel ahead of the new pipe as it travels underground.  One small pit is all that is necessary for most jobs in order to feed the new pipe into the ground. A compact but powerful pulling machine is located at the destination point, often inside a building, to pull the pipe in from the pit. 

Access Holes

Savings of time and money
• Minimized re-landscaping costs
• Root-resistant new main or sewer lines
• Increased drain flow 

State of the Art Equipment

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our plumbers and technicians are licensed and professionally-trained, so you can be confident that a trench-less piping project performed by Red Carpet Plumbing will be done correctly.

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